MyMatR Duo
MyMatR’s smart waste container that automatically sorts waste at the source of disposal
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How It Works
Automatic Sorting
AI-enabled automatic sorting identifies and sorts discarded waste into trash and recycling
Real Time Data Reporting
Connect through Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE to identify and export your waste data
Fullness Detection
Alerts when each bin needs to be emptied, from any location
An embedded display screen educates users on proper disposal
Multiple container shapes and sizes, custom cover designs, to include advertising if the customer chooses
MyMatR Solar Powered Containers Coming 2024
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Waste Stream Data
Waste stream analysis
MyMatR containers use built-in image recognition software to identify waste. This data helps you optimize your recycling efforts and reduce landfill use.
Optimal locations for containers
Find the best place to place your trash and recycling containers and monitor all of them effectively through our dashboard.
Utilize our container dashboard
Use the data collected from MyMatR trash and recycling containers to get insights on the recyclable packaging in your waste stream. Monitor your dashboard to find optimal collection routes for employees.
Customize Size, Appearance, and Sorting Decisions

Two 23 gallon containers

H=54” W=28” D=24”

Two 36 gallon containers

H=54” W=38” D=24”

Customizable appearance

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