Achieve Your Net Zero Waste Goals
Experience the next generation of waste containers with MyMatR, featuring auto-sorting, engaging education, and insightful data
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The Next Generation of Waste Containers
MyMatR Auto Sorting Waste Container
MyMatR containers boost your recycling efficiency and increase landfill diversion. By increasing landfill diversion, we help reduce overall GHG emissions.
Engage & Educate the Public
Gamify your organization’s recycling experience by providing choice and educational feedback to users. The automatic sorting still ensures effective disposal.
Utilize Data to Increase Recycling & Reduce Cost
MyMatR provides real-time waste data at the disposal source, along with a dashboard for long-term waste stream monitoring, supporting your ESG goals with dependable & actionable insights.
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How MyMatR Solution Works
Through automatic identification, MyMatR’s containers sort waste into their respective bins. Users get educated on proper disposal and your organization gets to monitor real-time data reporting alongside fullness detection features.
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MyMatR Solar Powered Containers Coming 2024
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Real-Time Waste Stream Data
MyMatR’s easy-to-use dashboard keeps track of your waste metrics over time, making it simpler to meet your ESG targets and Sustainability Reporting with reliable, precise information.
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How MyMatR Works With You
Understand Your Waste Processes
MyMatR works with organizations to help them understand their waste stream and recycling efficiency at all levels.
Waste Container to Fit your Needs
MyMatR tailors our smart waste container solutions to fit your needs, ensuring you have access to our cutting-edge recycling technology in a way that aligns with your operational goals.
Engagement Through Data
Our smart containers stay connected to your waste management process. Continuous updates help optimize your operations and maximize waste disposal efficiency.
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