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Increasing Recycling Efficiency
About MyMatR

MyMatR's mission is to increase recycling and change the way organizations deal with recyclable waste. Our smart waste container utilizes AI to identify and automatically sort waste at the source of disposal, creating a cleaner, profitable, and more efficient waste stream.

Tailored to accommodate various waste streams, our technology boosts recycling rates, improves waste management costs, and provides real-time educational feedback. The containers we provide are both economical and adaptable, ensuring that recycling processes are not just more effective but also financially advantageous for our customers.

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Our Story

MyMatR originated with an innovative concept: a smart waste container for homes that not only segregates waste but also facilitates its collection, rewarding users for their recyclables. This idea evolved to address a broader issue — the inefficiency of recycling in public waste systems. Expensive and often ineffective, current public containers presented an opportunity for MyMatR to make an impact on a larger scale.

The name MyMatR was coined to reflect personal ownership ('my') over the materials ('matter') we aim to reclaim and recycle.

The company quickly shifted from concept to reality, focusing on research and development to create a robust prototype that could withstand real-world conditions. After extensive testing and refinement, MyMatR evolved from a concept into a business ready to upgrade public waste management. Our advanced device, a blend of innovation and sustainability, are set to help cities and institutions elevate their recycling efforts.

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Meet the Team
John Starke
Founder, CEO
John has a Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University. He has worked in high-tech manufacturing with engineering roles in product, production, and quality. He provides engineering contracting and consulting for production automation upgrades in a variety of manufacturing industries. John is an active soccer player and plays the bagpipes in a pipes and drums band.
Lucas Orlowski
IS Director
Lucas has a Degree in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University. He has held leadership positions in the United States Marine Corps and worked in a variety of System Administration roles. Lucas is an active hockey player.
Ben Kimbrough
Software Engineer
Ben has a degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. He is a professional Software Engineer with experience with backend and low-level development. Ben is an Eagle Scout.
Devin Shackle
Technology and Data Management
John Austin
Business Development
Spencer Snedecor III
Sales and Growth
Derek Cook
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