General Information
What is a MyMatR Duo?
The MyMatR Duo is an automatic sorting waste container. This device identifies and automatically sorts waste into trash or recycling at the point of disposal. This solution improves recycling efficiency and creates a larger and cleaner recycling stream helping our customers save the planet and make money.
How does MyMatR Duo work?
When waste is placed into the device, a picture is taken. From there, the sort plate moves to the proper direction based on how the customer wants material sorted.
What can the waste container sort?
The MyMatR unit is designed to accept all types of of waste
How accurate is MyMatR’s sorting?
The average sorting accuracy of a MyMatR unit is 90%
How long does it take to sort waste?
A full cycle time to discard waste is 3 seconds
How many items can a unit sort?
The MyMatR Duo works best with one item at a time. However, if multiple items are discarded the system can make a decision, per customer guidelines, on how to sort multiple items. Typically we ask our customers: Do you want to maximize landfill diversions or eliminate contamination?
How many waste streams can the MyMatR Duo Sort?
The MyMatR Duo can sort waste into two different waste streams. The waste streams can be customized, with the default setup being trash and recycling
Where are MyMatR's units manufactured?
MyMatR units are manufactured in the United States
Requirements and Maintenance
Is an electrical connection required?
Yes, a standard U.S. electrical outlet of 120VAC is required.
How much power does a MyMatR Duo draw?
The average power draw of a MyMatR Duo is about 20 Watts. The amount of energy consumed over a year will depend on the how much the unit is used.
Is an internet connection required?
An internet connection is not required for the unit to operate, but is highly recommended to get the full experience of the MyMatR unit. MyMatR provides two different ways to connect the device to the internet. The preferred method is through Wi-Fi. The other is through a 4G/LTE which will require a data plan with MyMatR
What are the dimensions of a MyMatR unit?

For our standard two 23 gallon containers the dimensions are:

Height=54 inches | Width = 28 inches | Depth = 24 inches

For our standard two 36 gallon container the dimensions are:

Height=54 inches | Width = 38 inches | Depth = 24 inches

MyMatR is able to customize the size of the frame to tailor to different types of waste collection bins. We can design units around existing waste bins you currently own.

Is there a warranty with MyMatR?
Yes, MyMatR offers a one year warranty with an optional maintenance plan after the one year is up.
Value Added
How does this solution save the planet?
This solution helps save the planet by reducing waste sent to landfills, promoting recycling, and ensuring proper disposal of materials, which decreases pollution and conserves natural resources.
How does this unit create cash from trash?
The unit sorts recyclables from trash, which can be sold to recycling companies. By efficiently separating materials, it maximizes the value of recyclables, turning waste into a revenue stream, and capturing valuable materials that would typically be lost to a landfill.
What are data driven improvements and how do I realize them?
Data-driven improvements are achieved by analyzing the device’s data on waste types and quantities, which informs better waste management decisions and recycling program enhancements. Fullness sensors and status alerts for clogs or operational issues ensure the sorting process is efficient and continuous. Together, these insights and alerts help optimize operations, leading to cost savings and increased revenue.
What is the typical ROI on a MyMatR unit?

The typical ROI on a MyMatR unit is influenced by its utilization rate, the volume and value of recyclables sorted, and the efficiencies gained from optimized collection routes and data-driven operational improvements.

The more effectively the unit is used and the more recyclables processed, the quicker the investment pays off through reduced waste management costs and revenue from recyclables. Additionally, the data gathered by the unit can lead to further cost reductions and revenue enhancements, improving ROI over time.

What type of customization does MyMatR offer?

MyMatR's smart waste containers are customizable, including size, aesthetics, and AI functionality to cater to diverse waste management needs. We adapt the dimensions to integrate with various container types and design covers that effectively communicate the unit's purpose through clear icons or wording. The AI's decision-making algorithms are fine-tuned to comply with local recycling regulations.

Beyond these core features, we offer additional customizations like secure ground anchors, locking mechanisms, and added mobility options to ensure our units meet the specific operational requirements and enhance the ease of use for our clients.

What type of data is collected?
Every item deposited into a MyMatR unit has its picture taken. The operating status of the unit is also conveyed via the MyMatR dashboard
How is data collected and accessed?
The data is collected through a camera and various sensors in the device that are stored locally and uploaded to MyMatR’s servers. Information can be seen on MyMatR’s dashboard.